Traveling & Working Online

June 2018, I traveled to Thailand and witnessed many beautiful Buddhist Temples.

The journey of life might not be PERFECT, but where you end up at times IS.

I learned that the hard way. I didn’t necessarily have things in life the way I always envisioned. However, I am now grateful for the way things have happened in my life because it has shaped the person I am and the opportunities that keep coming my way.

Thailand was an adventure meant to be at this exact moment in my life. The whole year I just had a strong calling in my heart I knew I had to follow. I remember one day early this year, I was in the hospital feeling a little blue. When I walked through a hallway, I saw images hung in display. They were colorful drawings made by orphan children from Thailand. I stopped walking and just stared in awe. Suddenly, I felt this joy through the colorful drawings from these lively children. Red vibrant buildings with thick lines, yellow lights, happy faces, and sun-rays! I couldn’t stop smiling. Whatever these kids are going through, their world is still perfect and beautiful. I then remembered my inner child, my inner soul, and my lifelong dreams. Life is too short to focus on it’s shortcomings. You are still in control of experiencing so much. No matter what happens, the only possessions you get to keep with you forever is just that—the life experiences you have and create for yourself.

This was me on my first day in Bangkok, Thailand. One of the most defining moments in my life. A couple of weeks before, I was working my last days at my office job of ten-plus years. I resigned even though I was comfortable there. I knew in my heart it was time to move on to something I am more passionate about—it was time to take a RISK. It was time to jump for it and LIVE MY DREAMS. In my eyes now, the world can still be perfect, just like those children depicted in their drawings!

I am now dedicated to explore more. Thanks to the community I am in, I had the right mindset to finally start chasing my dreams. I work online in something I am greatly passionate about, which includes health, fitness, and exploring the world. With the community I joined, I have the opportunity to make a living and stay home more, travel, and also take part of humanitarian projects to help children in need around the world. Ironically, I was given the opportunity to join this community shortly after admiring that drawing in the hospital. Talk about PERFECT timing.


The community I am in is full of diverse individuals from around the world. They have become my friends…my family! This opportunity is open to anyone. This is one of the main reasons I was drawn to this community. I also became intrigued with the idea of participating in humanitarian projects. It has always been in my heart to help children in need. But off course, the biggest calling was the opportunity to work remotely/from home. I am now living this dream!

For more information on our community and how to get started, please click here:

Or simply send me a message on Facebook for more guidance!



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